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4-Ply Leather Saps

4-Ply duty-grade leather. A very slightly thicker sap than the slimmer profile 2-Ply saps.
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Boston Leather Midget Sap 6.75
Boston Leather Midget Sap 6.75" Impact Weapon 4-Ply
Your Price: $23.00
Boston Leather Texan Sap 11
Boston Leather Texan Sap 11" Impact Weapon 4-Ply
Your Price: $27.99
Boston Leather Denver Sap 9
Boston Leather Denver Sap 9" Impact Weapon 4-Ply
Your Price: $25.99
Boston Leather Junior Sap 8.25
Boston Leather Junior Sap 8.25" Impact Weapon 4-Ply
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