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ASP Protector P16 Expandable Baton 52222 Concealable

Part Number 52222
ASP Protector P16 Expandable Baton 52222 Concealable
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The ASP 16" PROTECTOR P16 Baton is ideal for investigators, administers and undercover officers.

The P16 is highly concealable. A 4140 striking surface is combined with a forged-to-shape 7075 T6 aluminum middle shaft and precision machined handle. This patented steel/aluminum design creates lightweight, durable and devastatingly effective weapons.

The grip of the ASP PROTECTOR P16 features a cross hatch pattern with a continuous spiral overlay that results in a smooth grip without abrasion. The grooves in the grip accept Nexus baton clips. Batons can be carried tip up or tip down. The clip can be adjusted to a variety of positions along the handle to enhance concealment or ease presentation. Whatever the activity, these batons are easily carried and rapidly presented. A constant companion for control and defense.

When retracted, the P16 Baton is only 6.40 inches, making it easy and comfortable to conceal inside a pants or suit pocket or waistband.

ASP 52222

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