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ASP Tri-Fold Restraints 6-Pack 56192

Part Number 56192
ASP Tri-Fold Restraints 6-Pack 56192
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Tri-Fold Disposable cuffs by ASP have been painstakingly designed to meet the needs of today's uniformed and tactical officers. Tri-Fold disposable restraints are the most compact, easily carried and rapidly applied single use restraint on the market. Specifically designed to law enforcement standards, their wide, brightly colored straps have no sharp edges.

Tri-Folds are the first choice of US military and police rapid response teams. They carry and store smaller, yet open larger than other disposable restraints on the market. Their incredibly smooth, single tooth pull simultaneously tightens both straps. The Tri-Fold is stronger, more pick resistant and easier to remove than any other disposable restraint. The recessed identification plate has a textured writing surface.

Tri-Fold disposable restraints incorporate a revolutionary new twin strap design. A patented Retaining Block completely surrounds the ratchet mechanism of each restraint. The reinforcement provides protection against shimming. The design also makes it physically impossible to “pull through” the locking ratchet as is possible on other double restraints.

Each Tri-Fold strap folds in three locations for compact storage. The straps are .5" wide with rounded edges to protect the subject’s wrists. The Roller Loc design provides an incredibly smooth pull during application. As resistance is applied, additional ratchet teeth roll into place to secure the straps into the Retaining Block. The diamond configuration of expanded Tri-Fold straps provide large pre-formed loops. Once expanded, the straps can be rapidly applied. The design allows both restraints to be pulled simultaneously with the reusable pull ring.

Includes 6 sets of single-use cuffs and 1 pull ring.

ASP 56192

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