Lyman 2 Die Rifle Set .243 Winchester 7452283

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Lyman 243 Winchester Rifle 2-Die Set

The Lyman .243 Winchester Rifle 2-Die Set is crafted on state of the art computer controlled equipment insuring that each die is perfectly dimensioned. Each rifle sizing die is vented to prevent trapped air that can damage cartridge cases, polished, heat treated for toughness and then receives a final micro-finish polish for extra smoothness.

The Lyman .243 Winchester Rifle 2-Die Set is perfect for loading jacketed bullets in bottleneck cases. It has 7/8" - 14 threads to fit all popular presses and a shell holder that is sold separately.


- Lyman Full Length Sizing Die
- Bullet Seating Die with Roll Crimp


- Cartridge: .243 Winchester
- Threads: 7/8" - 14