Sabre Key Case Pepper Spray w/ Quick Rel. Key Ring HC-14-BK Black 0.5% MC .5 oz

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Stay protected no matter where the day takes you while carrying the 3-in-1 Ring Pepper Spray with Quick Release from Sabre. Featuring an ergonomic grip and a tactical quick release connector, this canister offers quicker unit access and deployment. One motion is all it takes to draw and disperse a powerful ballistic stream of Sabre's highly purified defensive formula. Boasting an extremely high OC concentration, the spray temporarily cripples and disorients would-be-attackers. It instantly inflames the throat, eyes, ears nose, compromising vision and breathing capabilities. With the attacker incapacitated, the defender can take appropriate action without fear of attack. If the suspect gets away, a UV dye left behind by the sprays provides easy identification.