Rapala Balsa Xtreme Swimmer Hard Bait Size 12 Fire Tiger BXS12FT

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The BX series from Rapala lets anglers have lively, responsive action a balsa wood lure offers, with the option to fish them in the most extreme, rugged conditions. Truly one-of-a-kind pieces, they're the liveliest, yet toughest balsa based baits ever. What make the BX Series so versatile is the fact that we have balsa on the inside with a tough, durable copolymer shell for unbeatable toughness. Plus, the outer shell allows life-like finishes unlike anything seen on a balsa-based lure before.


- Balsa Body Inside
- Durable Copolymer Shell
- Molded 3D Head, Gills and Scales
- Internal X-Foil
- Articulated Body with Durable Pivot System
- Black Nickel VMC Hooks
- Slow Sinking
- Incredible Life-Like Finishes
- 3D Holographic Eyes
- Hand Tuned and Tank Tested
- Technique: Casting and Trolling


- Water Type: Freshwater
- Size: 12
- Body Length: 4-3/4"
- Running Depth: 4'-6'
- Weight: 3/4 oz
- Treble Hooks: Two No. 3
- Color: Fire Tiger
- Quantity: Package of 1