Scotty 34in. Hand Pump with 24in. Bilgeflex Hose 0548

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All Scotty Hand Pumps come with a stainless steel piston rod for strength and durability. Their large handles make for easier operation, and can be disassembled for proper cleaning. Scotty #548 Hand Pump comes with a 1 1/2" diameter barrel and 24 inches of 1 1/8" black bilge flex hose, which makes for quick pump outs. It has a stainless steel rod for strength and durability and has a 34" Bilge Pump; 3 1/2 strokes per gallon.


- 34" Bilge Pump, 3 1/2 strokes per gallon
- Stainless steel piston rod for strength and durability
- Large handle for easy operation
- Easily disassembled for cleaning
- 1 1/2" diameter barrel means quick pump outs