Smith & Wesson Pepper Pen SWP-1105

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It's a fountain pen. It's a pepper spray. It's both! Innovation takes personal protection to a new level with the discreet Smith & Wesson SWP-1105 .5 oz black fountain pepper pen. The SWP-1105 is a fully functionally black-ink fountain pen armed with a reservoir of .5 ounces of pepper spray. Smith & Wesson SWP-1105 pepper pen's active ingredient is oleoresin capsicum (.15%), harnessing the power of hot peppers up to 2 million Scoville heat units. Smith & Wesson's device has a ten foot spray range efficacy (pending wind) and incapacitates your attacker(s), severely impacting their eyes, respiratory system, and skin. With one spray, you can be assured your assailant will be impaired for up to thirty minutes. Law enforcement officers and the military advocate the use of Smith & Wesson's SWP-1105 pen in black with spray as a mode of self defense and hail it as even more effective than tear gas.