T/C Accessories T17 Accessories Firearm Wipes 50-Pack 31007493

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Thompson Center T-17 Firearm Wipes are scientifically designed to coat your firearm with a micro-layer of corrosion protectant. This thinly coated, protective layer is able to withstand the corrosive effects of any black powder fouling. The T17 Wipes are at their best when used prior to hunting in foul weather, but are just as handy for a quick clean between shots, or when leaving the field or range before complete cleaning.

The T/C T17 Firearm Wipes keep your firearm in factory condition. The Firearm Wipes come in a 50 pack, re-sealable plastic case. If you are looking for an excellent product that is simple, ready to use and works as advertised, the Thompson Center Firearm Wipes are the ticket.


- Corrosion Protection: Micro Layer Protection
- Quantity: 50 Pack