Voodoo Tactical Mil-Spec Field Repair Kit 02-7407001000 Black

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The Voodoo Tactical Mil-Spec Field Repair Kit is a comprehensive self-repair set that won't let gear failure threaten the mission. When out on the field, straps and buckles get a lot of wear and tear and a broken buckle can put important equipment or gear at risk. Designed to meet US defense and Mil-Spec standards, the seven-buckle repair set comes with replacement buckles to fit most standard tactical gear, packs and belts. The exclusive kit includes one large two-inch waist belt buckle, two one-inch ladder lock buckles and four one-inch side release buckles. Made of heat-resistant DuPontル Zytelᆴ, a rugged nylon resin material that meets field performance requirements, the convenient buckle ensemble restores important gear quickly and efficiently.