Voodoo Tactical Mil-Spec Tactical Trauma Kit 10-8858007000 Coyote

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Disaster can strike at any moment and the only way to survive is by being prepared with the Tactical Trauma Kit by Voodoo Tactical. Designed to offer emergency access to vital medical gear, the kit features the medical essentials needed to treat trauma wounds. Pressure and elastic bandages along with sterilized sponges stop life-threatening bleeding and protect wounds. Larger abdominal pads and triangular bandages offer sterile dressings for large wounds and severe punctures. Benzalkonium-chloride, alcohol and clean wipes provide further protection against bacteria and infections. Internal sewn-in loops hold each item firmly in place for convenient access when it is needed most. Housed in a durable, military-grade nylon package with a universal strapped backing, this compact kit can be carried or attached to any web-compatible platform.