Wheeler Engineering Delta Series Ar Armorers Vise 156224

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The Wheeler Engineering Delta Series AR Armorer's Vise is the perfect vise for increasingly popular AR platform. The modularity of the AR-15 platform has created the need for specific tools that allow you to build, maintain, and reconfigure AR's. The integrated mag well insert securely engages the lower receiver and adjusts in angle accommodate any task. The innovative front support is angle adjustable, so the forend fits just right. The front and rear supports have multiple positions and are reversible for maximum customization. The base is constructed of rigid steel with non-slip rubber feet. The feet can be removed for permanent bench-top mounting if you desire. Depressions formed into the base keep spare parts or tools contained, so you will not have to spend time searching for parts on the floor. The mag well insert includes a hammer stop and a bolt service station that secures the bolt face for disassembly/assembly. The vice works great for AR's that are fully assembled or with the upper and lower separated, and also is ideal for holding just a lower receiver for assemble and maintenance. Whether you are building an AR from the ground up or just looking for the ideal cleaning vise, the Patent Pending AR Armorer's Vise is simply the best choice available.