Wise Foods Vanilla Pudding (4 servings) Dessert Dish 2W02-409

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Vanilla Pudding Anyone? Just add Water and it's Ready in Minutes! It has 100 Calories per serving and 4 Servings per Mylar pouch.
With its Gourmet Taste and Long Shelf-Life (25 Years), it's a great addition to your long-term food storage. Don't stop there though...throw it into your backpack for your next outdoor adventure. Enjoy!


- Vanilla Pudding
- Emergency Recommended: * 25 Year Shelf Life
- Only 100 Calories Per Serving - 4 Servings Per Package
- Gourmet Taste - Long Shelf Life (Sealed In Mylar Bags) - Premium Quality
- Quick And Easy Snack - Just Add Water/Ready In Minutes